Little things


Hi Love, today I learnt that you are an attentive little man.

We woke up this morning and my head was pounding. i told you I had a headache and you patted the pillow to make me put my head down, and when I did you offered me your water. I was speechless. Thirteen months old, and you understand the concept of trying to make someone feel better. I took advantage of your being nice and requested a few caresses and you complied. My Love couldn’t be bigger! You made me feel that, if Dady is not around, you can take care of me. Thank you.


This is what you’ve been doing lately, at 13months:

-roar like a lion

-hoot hoot like an owl

-play and mime the 5 little monkeys song

-play hide and seek (now you started a new game behind the curtains

-you wash lettuce regularly

-you help me cook stirring in pots and adding pizza toppings (when you are not chewing them LOL)

-you brush your teeth, wash your hands and face

-you like to put your head under the water coming out from the hose or sink

-you know what to do with a Q tip

-you can drink from a real cup and do “cin cin” against my glass before drinking

-send kisses

-you walk with the crocs (only shoes you accepted so far)

-you understand italian for “switch off the light”, “spit the pacifier”, don’t use your hands, why don’t you use the spoon instead?”, “let me cut one nail first and then I’ll get you water” and other simple things. This doesn’t cease to amaze me.

-when I come home from work, and I’m still behind the door, I hear you saying “Mama?” asking daddy if it’s me you’re hearing.

-when yesterday Dad kissed my forehead, before going to work, you were in my lap and looked at him and had a little smile… like you were a little amused. And pleased. Enough for Daddy to feel obliged to kiss you also in the same way, on the forehead, before going off.

-another million things which i should definitely write down at the moment, because I have a moment of darkness n=right now…

You have been jealous of the new baby at the day care. The teachers say when they hold him you start crying and walk away. This week you’ve been crying when I leave you there. Teacher Elizabeth, your favourite, is on vacation and you just don’t like it as much in the morning, if she is not around. You also like Dalea, but she comes at 9. There is a kid, Nicholas, you has been bullying you. My sister caught him on camera while he was pulling your ear, your shirt and then you just put your head down on the table trying to escape from him. I bet he’s the one you bit you weeks ago, They won’t tell us. So there is nothing I can do, but today I threatened him in italian. I told him he better leave my baby alone. I know it’s stupid, but he looked at me straight in the eyes like he knew I had reason to be mad. Your first battles… šŸ™‚

You’ve been a little koala bear in the morning, I can’t even get ready because you just want to be held. It’s super tiring, and difficult, but i also like it. I hope you didn’t take too much of the Scandinavian blood, I need a baby whom I can cuddle with. I think you are a good mix, you can’t stand when Dad raise his voice. You cry but just because you think he’s mad and you need reassurance that he is not. It’s so clear. You are very sensitive (I also hope you didn’t take too much of that from my italian blood :D!)

Love you,




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