Dear Tristan,

my handsome boy! I still can’t believe it… You slept until 05.30 today!!! We tried so hard so make it happen, by feeding you so that the last feeding was late, anticipating or postponing feedings to make it easier to happen, and you always somehow messed up our plans. Yesterday we went to IKEA. Omg you should have seen yourself looking EVERYWHERE, turning your head right and left checking out all that was going on around you. So many people! So many colors! So much noise! So much stimulation…. We got home and at 7.20pm you were starving. We gave you your usual amount, 5oz, and you wanted more. We gave you more, and still you weren’t satisfied. So you ended up eating 7 oz…. craziness!!!! In fact, minutes later you were burping, spitting up, pooping and spitting up again. At 9pm you were sleepy and you passed out on the couch like you haven’t slept in years. There was no way I was going to wake you up to nurse you like usual (I don’t think you could have handled more food anyway), so I swaddled you and you didn’t even move. Put you in the crib, knowing you were going to wake up around 1, then 4, then 6. GROAN…! But hey, it was okay… Thanks God it was the weekend! At 3am I woke up because I could hear you making noises, and I went to warm up your bottle so that it would be ready. Grandma had the same thought so we had a nocturnal encounter in the kitchen. then we went back to sleep. I woke up at 5.30 thinking Oh man, grandma must have taken care of him and I didn’t hear anything!, but when I checked your feeding journal there was no sign of food before… Whaaaaat???!!!?? No way!!! I picked you up, changed you, and I heard your stomach grunting… My poor baby!!! And you weren’t even complaining!! You slept for 8 hours and went without eating for 10!!!!

I was so happy I couldn’t be quite and was all smiles and compliments for you, even if that would mean waking you up and no more sleep for anybody. I didn’t care. I brought you to bed with us and cuddle up a little, then talked a little more, and you were out again! Magic…

Slept for 50 minutes then pooped, then had the nursing session you skipped last night then… slept again!!!

So now I’m here writing this. I’m not keeping a journal like I thought I would, so this is my journal. Whatever happens that is worth remembering I’ll put it in here. I should probably improve my writing skills in english… But this is basically for my benefit. And your, if you’ll ever want to read it.

I don’t think it will happen again, but this was definitely worth writing down!!

Love you Sleepyhead.


Ps. I gotta cut your fingernails again. You keep scratching your face and you look like you are just back from a war.

Pps. You went to your 2 months check-up last Thursday, you were super good (they must spray something in the air at the pediatrician because you are always better behaved than at home) even went you got 4 shots!! (it was horrible to watch). At 2 months, you are 23″ tall, and weigh 12lb 8oz. You are strong, can hold a lot of weight on your feet and stay sit by yourself with your back against the couch. Can lift your chest up during tummy time and are more alert than a normal 2 months old. You are pretty amazing. Love you again!


Baby’s first movements!

Today the baby moved. I’m not sure whether or not it was the first time, but it was definitely the first time I had no doubt about him being the little guy making such a fuss in there! I honestly didn’t feel any butterflies or other things until today, at 21 weeks and 3 days pregnant, when every time I talked I felt someone tapping from the inside. It was super cool and unmistakable. Finally!!

Too bad he didn’t decide to do it few days ago while we were in Italy visiting my family… They would have been super excited. Oh well. I kind of like the idea of our first alone moment together.

So this morning I’m off and I decided to give him a chance, so I laid back in bed and started to talk to him. First in italian… and nothing. Then I thought of trying in English and calling him and I didn’t know how to call him, not having decided a name yet. Well… Adam gave up a few days ago and decided that Tristan was ok for him (as long as we call him TJ), and of course now that I won I started to have doubts about Tristan and consider Thomas as a good alternative. So I didn’t know how to call the baby and I went for Tristan, just to try it out loud. Well, it worked… every single time I called him, the baby tapped from the inside. My dad said he was complaining because he didn’t like the name… -.-‘

And all morning today I could feel him. It’s such a cool sensation, someone is surely alive inside of me! My belly sometimes gets really hard on one side and now I know it’s him. I’m gonna try every morning and see if Adam can feel him too.

Just wanted to report this huge event! Being running errands all day today, and tomorrow back to work. It’s such a beautiful day here in south Florida, maybe I’ll find some time to lay in the sun and get this belly  little tanned!