Terrible Two

You hear about them, you read about them, you are scared of them, you are skeptical. You wonder when it’s going to happen. Maybe it won’t. And then, they hit you. The Terrible twos. The exist, oh they surely do.

Drama scenes that not even the Queen of England would dare make. Tantrums out of the blue that we are wondering if there is any craziness in either of our families. Chance of moods that not even grandmas during menopause. Amazing. Every single night, same story, same scene. Same result, same end. I pick you up and everything is wonderful, I give you a snack. Then as soon as we get home, the transformation into monster. You start whining and asking -not nicely, btw- about ice pop, chocolate milk, honey (actually, boney) milk, candy, peanuts, chips, banana, and whatever else you can think of. If we give it to you, you scream “No!” and you push it away. We take it back and you ask for it again, crying. Total craziness. By the time a resemblance of dinner is on the table, the real tantrums start. Screams, kickings, “No, go away mama/papa!”, tears. We end up bringing you to your room until you calm down. Door closed. Eventually, you do calm down, and everything goes back to normal and you go back to be a normal child.

Last week you did;t skip one evening d then, of this crap. And then, Friday night we went out to eat, to celebrate my citizenship and dad’s new job, and you were good! So maybe you are just hungry when we get home? As much as I try, unless I get a magic wand I can get dinner ready immediately, but I’m trying.

The whole weekend you were pretty good, and Sunday night you were pretty much adorable. We were in bed and I was tired, laying next to you, and you gave me a kiss. Then another one. Then you started kissing me continuously, one little kiss after another, until I was giggling like a little girl! Then you stopped and asked me “Mamma, are you okaaaay?”. I was so in love with you! Right there and then, all the tantrums were forgotten. You have been good since Friday. Today is Tuesday, new tantrum, even though nothing of the craziness happened and you apologised right away. The reason, tonight, was your current rejection of the bath tub. You used to love it, now if we try to put you in, you go nuts, like we are trying to kill you. i don’t get it, you love the pool and the ocean, where does this terror come from?!??

You are talking quite well now, and you improve every day. Your face is also changing, you have a stinker face sometimes. You look at yourself in the mirror and make all kind of faces the you think I’m not looking. But I am, and it’s hard not to laugh. I think you are resembling less Dad now, but I don’t see more of me either.

Nevertheless, we love you to pieces! You are the best thing we’ve ever made, and can’t get enough of you and your smell and every little part of you is just pure perfection!




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