To remember

Dear Tristan,

you’ve learnt to blow your nose! Now when you need you just tap the tip of your nose with a finger and say “Nose” and expect somebody to come with a tissue, then you blow. Tonight you asked me “What’s happening to my nose?” and I was quite surprised.

The last few weeks you also take off your shoes and socks as soon as you get in the house, and bring your dirty socks in your hamper, saying “take off your shoes, or mommy angry”. That’s what dad told you once, it must have stuck.

Cute things you say: ‘nammy juice/nammy food”, “boney milk (honey milk)”. You can’t say the ‘s’ when at the end so instead of “Mommy’s” it becomes “Mummat”.

You stopped saying honey and you changed it to ‘boney”. There are a few others that I can’t think of.

You also started singing. The new school is going quite well (knock on wood!) and when I pick you up I put the disney soundtrack and as soon as Moana is on (How far I’ll go) we start singing and you know all the finals and you sing our loud! I so wish I could film you. Dad hasn’t had the pleasure to hear you yet.

You are becoming a little obsessed and won’t use a slide if it’s dirty, or won’t poop in the toilet if there is a hair in it. Or won’t wash your hand if there is a hair in the sink, you start whine “peeelooo, peelooo, yucky pelo!”. You are still mixing italian and english.

You know the numbers, but sometimes you mix them up. You know colors, animals, and A LOT of words. One night we took the 100 words book and you told them ALL. Some in english some in italian, but you didn’t skip one.

You are also sleeping with no pacifier at nap time at school. And getting rid of it here at night as well. But it takes much longer to fall asleep. Except tonight, you did quite well and didn’t even ask for it.

You are still cure as hell, and still have that baby cuteness that will be disappearing in the next few months. Not looking forward to it, even though every change is so awesome, I’m excited and sad at the same time 🙂




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