Proud as a peacock

Dear Tristan,

today is one of those days when I’m as proud as a peacock, and I’d be showing off my tail around all day.

Today was your first day at the new day care: because of Dad’s new job, and since they opened this new place 2 blocks from my office, we decided to make the move. I don’t like changes in your routine, just because I’m afraid they might be hard on you. But we also think of the best for you, and for our family, and this was it.

We’ve been telling you for a few days that we would be going to Bubbles school, and that you would have new teachers and friends, and today when we got there you were so excited! We went into the room and you politely said hello to Ms Stacey, then went around and started playing, with a nice curious smile. When I told you I would go to work and see you later, you didn’t even hear me.

When I picked you up, you hugged me and were fine, they told me you had been a role model, you played, ate, slept, never cried. I was so proud! We left while you were saying “byeeee” to the other kids. An angel!!

It’s been a tantrum phase and it was nice to see you being that good.

The hardest thing lately is that whenever you don’t get what you want or we don’t understand what you mean, you start saying “No mamma! go away!” which mostly is for my benefit (dad gets his “no, daddy!”, but I don’t think you’ve told him to go away yet), and if you know me at all you can guess how that hurts me. I learnt not to show how hurt I feel because with you it doesn’t work and it hurts even more, but tonight I told you “ok, if you want to be alone I’ll go away” and left you on your chair, alone. When you started whining I asked you if you wanted me to come back, and you said “Yes, mamma, come back!” and since then you’ve been adorable. You told me “Sit down, mama”, and insisted on eating on my lap. You were good at night time and let me rock you while telling you a story, then you fell asleep with your head on my leg.

Maybe tomorrow you’ll tell me “Go away again”, but maybe not, and even if you do, today was a good day, and I’m happy 🙂


proud mamma


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