All right dude

Dear Tristan,

a little entry is due because you are still sleeping in your own bed, and it was tough at first, you waking up a thousand times every night, crying, not sleeping anymore, but it got better, and now you fall asleep quite easily in your bed, you wake up once or twice, not crying, and you bring over your stuffed animals into out room, we accompany you back to bed, then you wake up around 5.30-6.30, and if we get lucky you come to our bed and fall asleep again, if it’s later then you are up and there is no way of putting you back to sleep. But we are happy and excited about the results and we think the three of us did great! Now we just need to hope that the trip to Italy won’t set us back again.

Potty training still going well, and your talking is improving. Tonight I lost an earring and I told you about it and you kept repeating “Earring fall down” over and over. You hugged me and try to comfort me and seemed very sensitive to the idea of me losing an earring. We read a couple of books then you said “nanna”, we switched of the light and less then 10 minutes later you were out. We spent more time together tonight because we had sandwich and store bought soup for dinner, so I didn’t have to spend time in the kitchen, we stayed outside and drawed with chalks all over the driveway singing songs. I have the feeling you ease into sleep better when we had some quality time, and I wish I could give you more of that.

The other night you also had your very first tantrum, because you wanted jello before dinner, and we wouldn’t let you. You cried and screamed and acted crazy, and we couldn’t calm you down. We accompanied you into your bedroom to calm you down but didn’t work, then I went to our bedroom and you followed me and I managed to distract you by letting you smell all my bottles of lotions and perfumes, and when you finally calmed down you were a different boy: you cleaned your plate, you were in an awesome mood, and it was a very pleasant evening. Are these the terrible two starting? If they are, I have to say they might be terrible, but are also pretty awesome. You are funny and cute and you learn at light speed. It’s quite amazing to observe you. And you are also a good boy, very well behaved. We rarely go out for dinner but wen we do, we always receive compliments for how well behaved you are compared to the average. Maybe because we keep it fast and simple, but still, it’s nice to hear!

It’s also difficult to be mad at you, when we turn your chair against the wall after you threw your food on the floor or your fork at us, you don’t even mind, after a few second you turned around make a big smile and say “Helllloooooo!”, and we have to manage not to burst out laughing.

Now you learn to do the thumb up and say “all right dude”, which is pretty cute. You repeat pretty much everything, dance and start singing a little bit. You like baby boss (for like 5 minutes), and you like to take our hands and bring us when you want us to be, then you say “sit down here”. You like having us both near you. You won’t fall asleep yet, if one of us is somewhere else in the house. We’ll work on that. For now, I try to enjoy every moment you want with me, because I know it won’t last forever, and I’ll miss you needing me so much.

Love you,



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