You you you and some girl talk (sorry!)

Dear Tristan,

this is the third night I put you to sleep in your own bed, and there you stay all night (waking up once). I can’t believe this is really happening! I don’t want to jinx it, and hopefully we won’t screw up and the trip to Italy won’t upset you like they did last year.

We just came back from MN and it was horrible. What happened to the wonderful traveler you used to be?? You were great on the plane and did pretty good, considering the long flight and your age, but didn’t do well over there. It was our fault mostly, we didn’t insist strongly enough to keep you on your schedule, trying not to be a pain, but oh well, lesson learnt. Definitely worth it to be a pain, if it’ll avoid you getting sick and staying up 3 nights in a row screaming constantly. Fever, gagging, crying, no appetite, no sleep and crankiness and neediness disappeared as soon as we got back home. There is no place like home, they say… So darn true!

Your potty training is going great, now you request privacy and you slam the door in our faces if we try to follow you in the bathroom (mostly to make sure you won’t make a mess trying to wipe your butt or pour your poop into the toilet). From outside the door, we hear “Yayyyyy!!!” and you finally open and let us in to admire your masterpiece. OMG you are so awesome!

Today you repeated “pipistrello” (bat), and it’w weird to hear you repeat difficult words like it’s no big deal, when just a few months ago you couldn’t say anything.

Lullabies: La pecora nel bosco, Dindondena, State svegli ad aspettar, the Legend of the Fall.

New things learnt: wash your hands on the stool, wipe your butt, shampoo, trying to put shoes on, hand cream and Purell, switch on and off the TV, start the Roomba, vacuum and clean (your favorite activities with watering plants and cooking).

As much as I’m concerned, we confirmed there is no baby. This weekend it will be a tough one as I have to take pills to end this. The worst part is that I don’t feel good. I’ve been having sharp muscle pain all over, but especially my arms, and tonight I almost dropped you. Then I got scared. I got scared because of this pain I can’t explain and that doesn’t go away with drugs, and that I see no reason for. I know so many people who got sick from one day to the other, with no warning, and now that you are in our life I’m, really scared that something bad can happen to one of us. I couldn’t stand the thought of it, so anything weird with no explanation freaks me out. And knowing what’s awaiting me this weekend, I would like to feel good, at least physically.

Now I found some old strong Ibuprofen and it worked, I feel much better. I wonder if this is anyhow related to what’s happening to my body right now, because something is definitely happening. I just got a big tummy! Wtf! I didn’t have that yesterday, and tonight it just showed up and I can’t even hold it in. Isn’t this ironic. Perks of being a woman….

Good for you you’ll never know any of this.

Sorry for the girl talk here, but I need to vent somewhere.

Love ya!



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