If I only could stop the time, I’d make these months last forever. The only reason I won’t do it is (besides the fact that I can’t) that I’m also looking forward to the future you. But right now, you are so funny, and smart, and learning so much, and such a perfect little man, that I can’t picture any better you.

Lately you’ve even become more affectionate, a cuddler. You look for physical contact more than before, you communicate. You understand and you do as you are told. You repeat everything on command, even long words we had no idea you could pronounce. I counted more than 50. Last one was applesauce.

You love the company of other kids, you are so much fun!

I love that you are nor scared of dogs, and you are cool about it. Snickers next door acts crazy every time we walk by the fence, and jump on the fence and barks at you, but you just point at him, try to reach him, then you get tired of the barking and you keep doing your thing after saying “DOG, BYE BYE, GO BYEBYE”, like you are totally indifferent to the noise, and couldn’t care less.

I love that you are learning to potty train, that you don’t fight me anymore when I brush your teeth. You like to get it done on the window seal, so you go sit there and wait for me to come over and start brushing. And you let me change your diaper, but every time you picked a different spot: on the living room rug, or your bedroom’s, or the kitchen, or your bed. I just need to follow you and you’ll let me change you, as long as you pick the spot. And I love that I get you, I know what you mean, and I don’t even know how it’s possible, but I do.

lately you like to bury yourself in the toys box. You empty it, then climb in, then ut back in all the toys until you can’r move. Then you start over.

I hope the new baby is a girl, just because I can’t think it could exist a better you, and it would just be easier this way. I know I’ll feel different once he’s born, but now this is just the way I feel. Couldn’t hope for anything better than you.




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