Piccolo Uomo

Dear Tristan,

exciting week!! On Thursday, you told us you needed the potty, so we went to get it and you used it (three times!!!) standing and sitting overtime you had to go. So proud!! 20 months!!

On Friday at day care you got a black eye. Not while fighting with a 3 year old like Dad likes to say, but slipping while pushing a toy lawn mower. Not as cool but you didn’t even cry. So now you have a decently big cut on your eyelid, and a purple eye.

At this age, you are repeating pretty much everything we say, as long as we don’t ask you to.

You recognise all the shape both in english and italian (I think it’s amazing!), some of the new words you learned lately are mani, ready, cheese, yogurt, outside, dentro, lí, see you, happy birthday, butt.

You are a great eater and LOVE yard work and watering things. Now you go out by yourself (usually naked), take the hose and water plants, while we are still in the house.

16 teeth (top canines coming out just now).

Gotta go get lunch ready!





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