Dear T.,

tonight we had great fun before bed time. We were playing at the horse and while I was galloping with you on my back you started saying “Mom mine! Mom mine!” thumping your chest to indicate you.

We went back to the bedroom and you kept looking at dad and telling him “Mom mine, mom mine!”.

Now, I don’t know if that’s what you meant or if I understood what I wanted to hear. But I surely loved to hear it. You are not sick anymore and your weirdness towards me is gone. Who knows what’s in your head sometimes. You are my sweet baby again, and today yes I’m all yours. Love,


Ps. Word of the day: toto (cocco)

Pps. Last night we were attaching letter stickers to your table while reciting the alphabet and you started repeating after me. I, jay, key, elle, emme, enne (you said this to perfection!), o, pi, erre, esse. Amazing! But you do have a problem with the camera because as soon as you realise we are filming you you stop doing the cute thing you were doing. And I can’t even complain too much because I run from the camera myself. Darn it, among all things you could have taken after me, this one?? And the love for spoonfuls of peanut butter.


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