Smarty pants

Dear Tristan,

you are opening and closing the bedroom door putting your hedgehog out and then pulling it back in instead of going to sleep. I’m taking the chance to write a few lines as I’ve been trying to do so in a while. At this moment, you can say a few more words, like mouth, morning, occhi (otti), si (ti), yeah, puppy, eyes, nose, and you can repeat quite a lot if you want to. You imitate me everything I scream when I drop something on the floor and I feel like you are mocking me already!

Today we went to the park all morning because your dad wasn’t willing to acknowledge either of us (I went to get my hair done yesterday and it took me a bit longer than expected and when I got back he was not happy. He didn’t want to talk about it, he only mentioned paint all over the kitchen and that you were naughty and he was done with you. What the heck did you do??!!) and you surprised me with how strong you already are. We have a small slide in the backyard our neighbours gave us and you’ve been going up and down for a while now, but today at the park you went all by yourself on a big slide! You also tried the climbing wall and you went up so fast i almost panic because I could barely reach you and couldn’t make you let go.

You are a smart little dude you know. Very independent already. You love outside (“a”) and water. Thank god we live in Florida! you love using the pump to water everything and now you figured out that if the water doesn’t come out you need to go to the tap and open it. So yesterday you were done with lunch and wanted to go outside. The screen was locked and you unlocked it, open the screen door, went out, close the door behind you, followed the pump to the end, tried to water, but water wasn’t coming out, so you came all the way back to the house, opened the tap and went back to water the plants. You were out there on your own for al least 20 minutes, then you lost a shoe, so you came back to the house and had us putting the shoe back on, then we were gone again!

You are still eating well, now you love broccoli and zucchini, uva, pineapple, and still cheese.

Now when you poop you say “pupu” and touch your butt, but so far by the time we put you on the potty you are already done. But we are getting there! It’s not bad for a 19 months old!

At day care they split your class and now you are only with kids your own age, we were worried you would miss Ms Elizabeth but you are having the time of your life and are much happier. The teacher is impressed with you and she told me you are the only one allowed to open the mini fridge because yu go, open it, get your water cup, drink, put it back and close it, so she trusts you :).

Sometimes you dance and try to sing, but your vocabulary is not enough for you to do so. You are very observant and remember everything, and you never cease to amaze me.

There is more I wanted to say but I hear suspicious noises coming from your bedroom so I need to go check.

Never mind, you are back and now you are going to want to type over here. Gotta go.




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