Last night I was making lasagna and you were ‘participating’ when I smell something. I checked your diper and was ok, then I asked you “You gotta go potty?” and you said “Yeah”. So I tell you “Want to go get your potty and poop in there?” you said yeah and went. I heard a loud noise and a cry of frustration, then you came back empty handed. I told you to be patient and to ask for help (we are working on the “help’ sign instead of getting mad when you can’t do something), so you put your little hands together in an attempt of sign “Help”. I went and got your potty. You sat on it still dressed, and I let you do your thing, thinking it’s good to get familiar with the concept. And…. You actually did it!! You sat and pooped in the potty! You just forgot to take your pants off 😉

Well done, big boy!!!




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