Dear Tristan,

happy new year baby!!

It hasn’t started in the best of ways… hopefully it won’t reflect the rest of the next 12 months.

We had dad’s family over for Christmas holidays, so we were 9 people in the house, camping in the living room and guest bedroom. You were great and friendly and very sociable. I was so proud of my baby smiling at everybody! The girls were nuts for you, and you got to spent a lot of time with somebody new, which you never get to do. Too bad they got us all sick… you had 101.4 fever for a few days and were cranky at night (well, who wouldn’t be, you couldn’t breath), but in the day you were quite the usual happy boy. Then I got sick… totally voiceless and with a bad bad cough. I hate it. I can’t tell you stories or sing you songs or just stay close to you without waking you up coughing. Now you’ve been fever free for the last 24 hours but have a rush all over your chest! I’m just glad we have your 6 months visit with the paediatrician tomorrow.

We’ve started solids and so far there isn’t anything you haven’t liked. You ate the whole plate of zucchini and carrot the very first time with no problem whatsoever. So far we’ve tried: rice cereal, apple, pear, banana, zucchini, butternut squash, sweet potato, zucchini & potato, banana & avocado, carrot & rosemary, broccoli. Your favourites seem to be butternut squash and avocado & banana. It’s such a pleasure to see you eating so well! Even if I’m dreading the moment you’ll be totally weaned and I won’t get to hold you and nurse you. It took us quite a while to get good at it, but I will miss it.

We are home today because tata Cathryn won’t come if you are sick and I’m feeling quite crappy myself, so we just went for a walk and now you are sleeping by my leg on the couch.

We’ll use the chance to get back on our schedule and normal routine. Everybody has left and now it’s just us again. Grandma has sailed you by rocking you to sleep so now we are having a little hard time to put you down in your crib… darn it. You were doing so well! But you were sick so that’s ok. Who would refuse to be rocked to sleep when they are sick?? I certainly wouldn’t.

I wish we took some family photos of these holidays but it just didn’t happen. I was so nervous and we were so busy with the girls and everything that we kept postponing and we ended up not taking even one picture. That was stupid.


Oh well… 2017! We’re going to have a lot of milestones this year!!! Your first words, your first steps, your first flight, your first birthday… So far you are more than I have ever hoped for. So I wish you a wonderful new year honey. I love you to the moon… and back.




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