5 months’ perfection

Dear Tristan,

at 5 months, I can’t imagine you being cuter or funnier than now. You are awesome in any ways and now that you sleep through the night (sometimes… ;)) you are perfection at my eyes.

You laugh a lot, and recognise us, and you can totally play! Peekaboo, tickle, catch Mommy!, splash mommy, eat your smelly feet, funny voices or squeals, you are so much fun!!! And you are still adorable and very sweet when with your little hands touch my face and you would have said you could be so delicate!

You are just the world to me and you are growing so fast now I’m realising I don’t want this time to end, ever. I’m excited about teaching you new things and seeing you leaning new stuff everyday and every time is awesome, but I also like you so much right now and it’s just all happening too fast.

You are about to crawl and you can say ‘amma’ and actually you’ve said ‘mama’ as well, but it’s just babbling and don’t know what it means. You move by yourself and we had to lower your mattress for safety reasons… you mastered the art of rolling so much that right now it’s all you’ve being doing.

You are waking up not very hungry and you spend a good hour in your crib talking to yourself or getting upset for who knows what reason, but I realised the other day that you rarely cry. You whine sometimes, but it’s very rarely a real cry. That’s a good thing!

i’ll make this short because you fell asleep and i don’t want you to sleep too long so close to bedtime, but I wanted to check in and write how much we love you and that you are making this Christmas so exciting!! For Dad too (hear!hear!).

Bye baby, you are waking up.




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