Dear Tristan,

you are probably wondering who the heck is Matthew. Well, listen to this, kiddo: Matthew was your first (and ours) hurricane! We are waiting for it to hit us, yesterday we prepped the house with shutters and food and water, and now we are in this nerve wrecking wait. It looked so beautiful yesterday morning when we went for our walk, and right now it’s just drizzling and a little windy. It seems impossible that this is just the beginning of something that could be so disastrous. I’m worried about loosing all your frozen milk, about not been able to keep you safe. What am I gonna do if you have one of your major poop? How am I gonna wash you up if we loose water? I haven’t slept for days because you stopped sleeping at night and now you just start screaming as soon as we put you down. At 4am you are totally awake and ready to start your day, no matter if you were up most of the time during the day. I have been cooking and baking and filling containers with water and doing laundry since yesterday, and I just can’t seem to stop.

I have been wanting to write you at your 3 month day but I couldn’t find the time. I have so much to tell you! First of all, you are growing up so fast and you are learning a new thing every single day. It’s amazing to watch you. Now you grab stuff (and you might be a lefty… making your dad proud), reach out, and bring stuff to your mouth. You lick everything too – your favourites are shoulders. You smile a lot, if you are in the mood, and if you aren’t, then it’s a real challenge to steal a little smirk from you.

You also love to look at us in the mirror, and the other day you had aa major contagious laugh! I wish I videotaped that. But you are not easy to take on camera or on pictures: you look at the phone and stop smiling.

I bathe you every night, then we have our mom and you time when i nurse you and then read you a story and put you to bed. Ah! You LOOOOOVE reading books now, and i’M SO HAPPY!! At the beginning you would be quiet for almost a book, then 2 books, then 3, now you turn the pages!! You favorite one is with no doubt “Guess how much I love you”. How do I know that? Believe me, you can tell. As soon as I start reading or telling the story (yep, I know it by heart now) you smile and stay quiet and pay attention. Sometimes we read it twice. And I do so before you nap time or before bedtime, and you really relax and fall asleep a little after.

After the bath, I give you a nice massage. Another thing you didn’t use to care for, but now you seems to really like it.

One thing you don’t like anymore is getting dressed. You hate sleeves, and you better prepare because even in Florida, winter is on the way and you will need to put on long sleeves soon enough!

You love staying outdoors and you have a babysitter!! Tata Cathryn seems to be good, she makes you exercise with your tummy time, reaching, reading and playing music. Hopefully she can stay with us! I really do not want to put you in a day care for the moment.

You talk soon much and we have long chats especially when you are on your changing table. You make my day every day. You are sweet and a cuddle and even when you have your moments you are my world and I’m so happy you are here! And what makes me even happier is the dad feels the same :).

Let’s go wait for Matthew now – but before I need to change you because you are pooping right here right now on my lap!!!! The pumpkin is working! 😉




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