Dear Tristan,

I thought a lot about whether or not to write about this thing I’m about to write. As awesome and chill you are (sometimes) at the moment, you’ll eventually become an individual that thinks that everything is gross, eeeewwwwww, you’ll feel embarrassed by your parents that now you think are so cool and funny, you won’t listen to anything they say and you’ll be excited when they are not around. So. I’m pretty sure I’m about to gross you out. Which is funny, actually…

Well well well… I think i’m about to gross out a few people actually. You know, I would have been squeamish about this too, and never have I thought of this before. Until I’ve found myself with hundreds of ounces of breastmilk stored in our freezer. Seriously. There is no space for anything else, and it’s getting fuller and fuller, with bad of milk that sometimes manage to slide behind and then the freezer drawer won’t close. So I did some research online on how I could use the breastmilk. I thought of selling it on Craigslist (kidding…….) but the whole point of storing so much is that, if I lose it too soon, you’ll be okay for a while. Still, I needed a way to get rid of some of it when the freezer situation gets out of control.


Since my milk tastes of sugared milk, I can’t use it to cook. So…. Since I’ve been craving for some good gelato (t’s hot in Florida!) and I can’t have dairy because I don’t want to give you cradle cap… guess what! I made gelato out of it!!! Just got a gelato/ice cream maker, and I’ve been experimenting since then.

I’m using a recipe I’ve found online of a guy in the UK who sells the stuff… Something called baby Gaga... It was a little weird at the beginning, but it was beyond my expectations!! So far I made lemon custard, peanut butter, coffee and chocolate. The best one is the peanut butter, it’s absolutely delicious!!! Chocolate and coffee don’t work, you need cream to get a gelato textured dessert, so they are more a sorbet-like thing.

We are all eating it, grandma (actually, she was so excited about the idea… weirdo!!!), me, and even dad!!!

And you, little one, that now are making faces thinking we are out of our mind… remember two things: first, that’s all you eat right now, and you looooove it. Second, how is not gross to drink milk from a stranger cow, and it’s gross to eat the one that your own mama produce????

Tonight we’ll test your aunt. I bet you’ll be grossed out too. I might not tell her….. (evil. you got that from me 😉 )




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